Spa Body Massage

Design your ideal SPA DAY by combining any massage with an Express or Custom Facial.  Great for Bridal gifts, Birthdays, Special Occasions.  And don't forget yourself because you deserve it! 

Macadamia Oil Scrub/ Massage 
(90 min)    $120

Truly remarkable results. Luxurious pure macadamia nut oil and lightly scented lime blossom scrub and body melt will lift away tension while leaving the skin silky soft and intensely moisturized.  This full body scrub plus massage service incorporates lymphatic technique to help release toxins, and hot towels to remove scrub so you don't have to get off your comfortable, warm table! The perfect treatment for dry summer skin or rough winter months.

Hot Jade Stone Massage
(90 min)    $120

Soothing effleurage movements slowly release therapeutic heat (thermotherapy) to melt away stiff, sore, aching muscles. Known to the Chinese as the "Stone of Heaven", Jade stones are 80 times more powerful than volcanic basalt stone thus providing effects that can be felt for 3 days.  Experience a deeper state of relaxation while flushing toxins, improving circulation, and strengthening the heart.  

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
(90 min)    $120

Begin your service by settling into a luxurious spa robe while enjoying both an invigorating, detoxifying foot bath and green tea drink.  Continue with a salt stone massage with stone properties that are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and have 84 naturally occurring minerals.  In addition to reviving your spirit and well being, the minerals detoxify the body further than what a typical massage alone can do while also gently exfoliating to smooth and soften the skin.

Back Beauty & Scalp Massage (45 min)    $65
Ease your tension and stress away while having a special skin treatment just for the back!  Deeply moisturizing, gentle massage, exfoliation, ozone steaming and hot towels.  Scalp massage with hot towel wrap (optional) and an organic scalp serum massage for 15 minutes.  

Poppies Ultimate European Facial
(140 min)     $155

Rejuvenate the body and delight your senses with a little all around skin indulgence in this Signature spa day treatment.  Begin your Zen experience with the "Back Beauty & Scalp Massage".  Then pamper those tired aching feet and legs with a deeply relaxing massage.  Last but not least, enjoy a worthy facial finish to leave your skin ever so supple and glowing.


Leg or Arm Scrub/ Massage (30 min)   $35
Enjoy this add-on macadamia oil scrub/ massage for just the your legs or arms if you're experiencing extra rough or dry skin.  Truly remarkable and intensely moisturizing results.  

Express Facial (35 min)    $35
All the benefits of a full hydrating facial complete with a Gua Sha rose quartz stone massage.