Lash Extensions

Enhance your eyes with beautiful, semi-permanent Classic Lash Extensions.  Your individual 1:1 ratio lash extensions will appear natural and last approximately 2-3 weeks, falling off * with the shedding cycle of your natural lash.  Safer than volume lashes, and available in multiple lengths, curl style, and colors (ie black, dark brown, light brown, reddish brown), to suit the perfect natural look of matching your upper and lower lashes, as desired.

2 hours + consult Synthetic - $225
2 hours + consult Genuine Mink  -  $280 

Each 75 minute appointment includes lash prep, removal of lashes as needed, and then a full 60 minutes of quality lash extension application time so we can attach as many new extensions as possible.  
- Synthetic extensions fill  -  $60 
- Genuine mink fill -  $100

Lash Removal  - $30
* Do not cut off, tug, pull out, or attempt to remove yourself!  Extensions must be removed professionally.

Preparing for your appointment:
Please remove makeup, mascara, and contact lenses before arrival.  Following service, for next 24 hours until lash glue has completely cured and bonded, please plan to avoid any activity which may cause water, steam, or heat from coming in contact with your lashes. 


Scalp Massage   $20 
Extend any brow, lash, wax, body, or facial service with a 15 minute heavenly scalp massage. 

Foot  & Lower Leg Massage   $35
Extend any brow, lash, wax, body, or facial service with a 20 minute service foot and lower leg massage.