Lash Extensions

Classic Full Set - Faux Mink (135 min) $175
Classic Full Set - Silk (135 min) $200
Classic Full Set - 100% Real Mink $300

Fills - Faux & Silk (60 min) $60
Fills - Genuine Mink (60 min) $75

Fills - Faux & Silk (75 min) $75
Fills - Real Mink (75 min) $90

Lash Removal *  - $15 (per every 15 minute increment)

* Do not attempt to remove yourself as extensions are bonded to natural lashes and considered semi-permanent.  Extensions are meant to fall out with the shedding cycle of the natural lash. 

Preparing for your lash appointment:
- Please arrive without makeup and mascara
- Please remove contact lenses in advance
- Please limit caffeine intake 

After your appointment initial care expectations:
Your extensions require 12 hours to fully cure. 
- Do not touch your lashes 
- Do not wet your lashes
- No swimming, saunas, showers, or cooking       over steam
- Do not apply eye makeup
- If complication or irritation occurs do NOT try     to remove. Contact us for instructions.

Additional care expectations between fills:
- Refrain from use of your eyelash curler
- Use oil-free cleansers
- If you must use mascara then NO waterproof
  mascara.  Use mascara made for Lash

I look forward to serving you!