Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions enhance the eyes beautifully with a natural appearance and last approximately 3 weeks.  They are semi-permanent individual synthetic or real mink lashes bonded at a 1:1 ratio to your natural lash.  They will fall off * with the shedding cycle of your natural lash.  Should an allergic issue or irritation occur, I will gladly remove your extensions free of charge within 24 hours.  

I deliver the highest standard of safety and lash care education so that your lashes will not only be beautiful, but may be maintained in the healthiest manner possible.   

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Silk/ Faux    -  $100      (2 hours)
100% Mink  -  $280      (2 hours)

Silk/ Faux     -  $50        (60 min)
Silk/ Faux     -  $70        (75 min)

100% Mink   -  $100      (60 min)
100% Mink   -  $140      (75 min)

Lash Removal   $30
* Do not cut off, pull out, or attempt to remove yourself.   Extensions must be removed by a lash technician to ensure safe removal of the bonding glue, and preserve the health of the eyelash follicle.

Preparing for your lash appointment:
- Please arrive without makeup and mascara
- Please remove contact lenses in advance