Facial & MicroPeel Treatments


Chamomile Azulene Facial (75 min).....$65
Sooth and repair distressed and damaged skin while hydrating and protecting. Includes Jade stone massage to gently cool and reduce inflammation.

Mindful Touch Facial 
(75 min)......$65
(115 min).......$80

This wellness and energy healing treatment will quiet and calm the senses.  Includes an Ayurvedic foot massage.  All products are oncology clean.

Hydrating Facial (75 min)......$65
Boost your hydration, stimulate cell regeneration, and defend against UV damage.  Products are saturated with phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and proteins creating firmer, radiant skin.

Baby on Board Facial (75 min)......$65 
Melt away any tension and anxiety while re-balancing the senses and skin.  Includes relaxing foot massage.

Deep Cleansing Facial (75 min)......$65
Galvanic "de-incrustation" treatment unclogs blackheads and oil build up in the pores. Skin will appear brighter with an even skin tone.

Detoxifying Acne Facial (75 min).....$65 
Perfect for Tweens and Adults. High Frequency combats bacteria and oil-control products banish breakouts. Suggestions on controlling acne causing bacteria and oil build up will be provided.

Anti-Aging Aloe Vera Algae (90 min)...$80
An instant Ayurvedic lift massage combined with a unique double mask treatment will reinstate skin hydration, minerals, nourishment, and skin balance.  

LED Rejuvenation Facial (90 min)....$80
This LED light therapy feels warm like you are sun basking, but without the damaging UV rays.  Treatment stimulates collagen and elastin, as well as, increases blood circulation and cell energy.

Collagen Oxygen Lift Facial (90 min)....$80
State-of-the-art treatment combines the benefits of collagen and oxygen.  Skin is refreshed, appears smooth and supple, and results will remain visible for several days. 

Brightening Facial (75 min)..$80
Lighten dark spots while deeply hydrating and nourishing skin.  15% Mandelic acid gently exfoliates to leave you radiant.

Micro-dermabrasion Facial (75 min)...$80
A non-invasive mechanical exfoliation to safely polish the skin.  Treatment diminishes fine lines, softens shallow scarring, and decreases the appearance of superficial hyper-pigmentation.

Men's Facial (75 min)......$65
Skin care to defend against signs of aging, surface wrinkles, and the loss of firmness. Skin will appear hydrated with a smooth finish.

Mini Refresh Facial (30 min)......$45 
Short on time or just need a quick spruce up without the extra fluff?  This precise treatment will leave your skin refreshed.

Add-On Services:

Hydrating Lip Treatment......$10 
An exfoliating and nourishing peptide treatment for the lips.

The neck and upper chest are often neglected, but vital to your youthful appearance.  Give your decollete a facial complete with a relaxing massage. 

Enzyme Exfoliation......$15 
Supplement your facial with this added pineapple papaya enzyme treatment.  This heavenly smelling enzyme is full of vitamins to fight free radical damage.

LED Light Therapy.....$25
Add the warmth of phototherapy to any facial treatment to increase collagen and circulation, reduce inflammation, and speed healing.

Scalp Massage......$10
Feel your tension melt away and your body go limp with a relaxing scalp massage.

Foot Massage......$10
Enhance your spa experience with a relaxing foot massage.

Hand Massage......$10
Enhance your spa experience with a relaxing hand massage.


Pineapple Enzyme MicroPeel (90 min)...$95 
A single and safe treatment with no down time which combines the benefits of both micro-dermabrasion and a natural and organic enzyme exfoliation peel leaving the skin supple and polished.
Gentle Mandelic Acid MicroPeel (90 min)...$115
A single and safe treatment with no down time which combines the benefits of both micro-dermabrasion and a 15% Mandelic acid exfoliation peel leaving the skin rejuvenated and brightened.